San Rafael Public Library

San Rafael Public Library is committed to offering monthly events addressing climate change throughout 2020.

View the City’s Climate Action Plan here.

Featured Programs

Marin Master Gardeners: The Secret Lives of Bees | 4/10 | Downtown Library Meeting Room.
One out of every three bites we eat can be attributed to the work of bees. In your own home garden, attracting bees will maximize flower, fruit, and vegetable production. It’s easy to turn your garden into a pollinator paradise.

Climate Justice Workshop | 4/11 | Pickleweed Library
Come and join us at the Library for a fun family event! We will explore our environment, climate change, and what we can do to help our planet.

Earth Day Poetry and Book Launch Party | 4/22 | Falkirk Cultural Center
Celebrate Earth Day through poetry and the launch of a new anthology entitled “California Fire & Water.”

Amazing Eggs with Ane Carla Rovetta | 4/25 |  Downtown Library Meeting Room
Naturalist and storyteller Ane Carla Rovetta weaves magical tales and leads a painting activity using egg-based paint and soil.

Composting Class | 5/2 | Downtown Library Meeting Room

Re-envisioning Our Relationship With Honeybees in a Time of Crisis | 6/12 | City Council Chambers
Honeybees play a crucial role in our environment, including in the pollination of 1/3 of our food supply. They are also dying at an alarming rate due to pesticides, parasites, disease, and loss of habitat. Join us and learn more about these incredible creatures and what you can do to help their survival.

The Economics of Climate Change with Jon Haveman, PH.D | 9/21 | Downtown Library Meeting Room

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges humanity faces, but economics can help us understand the problem and how to address it. These materials will address the science of climate change (by way of background), discuss the economic costs associated with climate change, present a set of policy options for mitigating these costs, and provide evidence on the real world experience with some of these policy tools.

Jon Haveman, Ph.D: CEO of the National Economic Education Delegation (NEED), a San Rafael nonprofit. Haveman is a man on a mission to make economic policy literacy relevant and real.