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We believe that we will be most successful by being part of something larger than ourselves. We hope that every library that participates will benefit by being part of something beyond their local community. 

How it works:

For library organizations: 

Fill out the form below and we will happily include any events or services that your library offers that relate to climate change or sustainability. The page can remain static and include past events or we can make the page vibrant to link to your event calendar using your ICS files. Feel free to be as descriptive as you wish for each event and service. Please also include a general descriptive statement about your library’s offerings related to climate change. We’re happy to include any graphics, images or other dynamic content that relates to your offerings. We are happy to include whatever your library offers regardless of how big or small it may seem. 

For individual librarians: 

Even when libraries cannot participate at the organizational level, we want to provide a way to include voices from individual librarians that care about the health of the planet. Feel free to submit a blog post on any topic that relates to climate change and connects to libraries. Blogs can be as simple as a review of a book or movie or can be about a sustainable practice. Blogs can be about a personal experience or relate to information literacy. There is no desired length. We want this medium to be for you and to include diverse voices and perspectives. 

How can Borrowed Time help your library?

For starters, as a collaborative support system that shares resources, ideas and content to address climate change. We hope that your library will benefit by being part of something beyond your local community. The podcast and blog series featured on this site is available for you to share through your library. You can share a single post, the full series or pick and choose which posts are relevant to share with your audience. We will share the content you create and make it available for other libraries to share too. We want to reach as many people as possible. We hope that by seeing what other libraries are doing to address climate change, you might be inspired to offer something similar, something new or something appropriate for your community. The editable Borrowed Time branding, podcast intro & outro audio clips, and designs for the patch incentive are yours to use if you so choose.

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