Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library, one of the nation’s largest public library systems, is addressing climate change through programming that reflects the diversity of the borough.

Program series such as Climate Wednesday: Solutions for a Cooler Brooklyn and The Green Series bring together experts, activists, writers, artists, and community members for engaging discussions and workshops. Alongside these programs, artist residencies and exhibitions support the expression of sustainable and ecological themes in library spaces. BPL’s new Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center will offer programs, information, and special collections that raise awareness of the local environment. The branch will also provide space for community and environmental groups to hold meetings and programs.


Featured Programs

Green Series

Make Seed Sculptures with Artist Mary Mattingly | 3/12
Participants will make their own seed sculptures with seeds from plants that aid in water purification while learning about water remediation techniques. We’ll combine seeds, clay,and healthy compost – these sculptures are perfect for tossing anywhere outdoors! This program is held in partnership with More Art

Climate Wednesdays: Solutions for a Cooler Brooklyn

How can Brooklynites confront the climate crisis? What needs to change, and how can we make sure that change will be equitable? Over eight evenings thinkers and activists will share their ideas about the crisis and offer strategies for effective action.

Our Bodies, Our Planet: Public Health and the Climate Crisis | 2/12
What is the impact of the climate crisis on our bodies? Fossil fuels already affect the health of New Yorkers, with some communities suffering far greater harm than others. As we fight warming temperatures, pollution and natural disasters, can we use this moment to create a healthier city for all?

We Will Be Moving Away Shorty: Away from Fossil Fuel Energy | 3/18
Transportation is the #2 source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. We have the nation’s most extensive subway system – and its slowest bus service. How can we rescue our ailing public transit system, entice people out of their cars, and get where we need to go in a climate friendly way?

Green Collar Jobs: Making a Living, Forging a Better World | 4/15

Natural Allies: Working with Nature to Fight Climate Change | 5/20

Teens Make

Decorate a Reusable Bag | 3/24
New York State law has banned plastic shopping bags as of March 1st and NYC law charges 5₵ for paper bags. Help save the Earth while saving some money – decorate a reusable bag you can keep on hand! All materials provided. For teens ages 13-18.


Stars Down to Earth | Mary Mattingly & Dario Robleto

Stars Down To Earth is a multi-site exhibition, with artwork at Central Library and  some programming at the Leonard branch. Further programming will continue from March to June, in partnership with the Prospect Parks Alliance and More Art.

From wonders of the cosmos to urgent questions around habitable futures on earth, this exhibition brings together the scientific inquiries and complex visual systems of artists Dario Robleto and Mary Mattingly. Robleto’s work spans the mysteries of outer space and the human body, while Mattingly’s has been leading conversations around the role of the arts in sustainable futures. These two artists are deeply engaged in interdisciplinary work as citizen scientists, artist ambassadors and ethicists collaborating with scientists in a variety of ways.

Stars Down to Earth includes Mattingly’s living sculpture and nature morte photographs which look at extractive industries, as well as Robleto’s intricate sculptures comprised of fossils and other carefully sourced natural artifacts. Through public art, artist talks integrated with the sciences, and intensive public workshops focused on ecology you are invited to imagine possible futures and gain hands-on knowledge.