An initiative by libraries and librarians to encourage their communities to respond to climate change.

Initiated by the Mill Valley Public Library in the San Francisco Bay Area, Borrowed Time is a grassroots effort any library organization or individual librarian can participate in.


The urgency to respond to climate change doesn’t afford us the time to ignore the facts.

Scientists estimate we have 10 years to respond to climate change before irreversible damage leaves an uninhabitable planet. Libraries have a responsibility to provide information to the communities we serve. To ignore the consequences of climate change is a disservice to our communities. 


Libraries and librarians of all sorts – information professionals that want to provide information about what is referred to as the existential crisis of our times. 

Any and every library organization is encouraged to participate but we recognize that policies and bureaucracies can sometimes get in the way. For that reason, this effort is a grassroots one and individual librarians are welcome to participate if their represented organization is unable to do so. We believe that we will be most successful by being part of something larger than our individual library.


However you can! Libraries can offer information, programs, services, resources, and endless activities that are appropriate for their community. Individual librarians can submit or share content for the Borrowed Time podcast and blog or share related resources. 

Borrowed Time can take any shape and form that is appropriate and within the means of each library’s and community’s needs. It can be a series of programs or a singular program. It can materialize as activities, services, resources or old-fashioned information sharing. We invite libraries to use the Borrowed Time name and branding but there is no requirement to do so. We encourage libraries to share the Borrowed Time podcast & blog series and present it as your own – as opposed to sharing a different library’s social media post for example. We encourage libraries and librarians to produce content for the Borrowed Time podcast & blog and share it. More library and librarian contributions result in more meaningful and diverse resources and content for all. 

We encourage direct collaboration with other libraries in your region when it makes sense (for example, splitting the cost of speaking fees for a presenter) or even further away (Who wants to turn the Conversation Cafe model into a pen pal program?) but beyond partnering and collaborating, we invite any individual librarian to participate where they can. 

Please use the contact form to share what your library is doing as part of Borrowed Time and it will be featured on this site. Similarly, please use the contact form to share content for the blog and podcast or ask any questions. 


Now & until we reverse course. Or, until we run out of time.

Let’s work together.