The People vs. the Pipeline: Community Action Against the North Brooklyn Pipeline

The North Brooklyn Pipeline is a fracked gas pipeline running approximately seven miles through the heart of Brooklyn. Currently at a standstill, the pipeline was being built by the utility company National Grid, ostensibly to improve the existing system’s safety, reliability, and operational flexibility. The response from the community has been powerful. Environmental and social justice activists have staged protests, anti-pipeline organizations have been formed, and city politicians have spoken out against the pipeline.

In May, National Grid released a proposal to halt construction of the project, albeit with an option to build the fifth and final section in the future. If this proposal were to succeed, natural gas customers would bear the brunt of construction costs for the first four sections of the pipeline, totalling $126 million. The New York Public Service Commission can vote to adopt, reject, or modify Nationals Grid’s proposal soon – likely in July or August.

The fight against the pipeline has highlighted disparities and injustices in New York City, with the pipeline path disproportionately affecting low-income residents and people of color.

Through all of this, filmmakers and educators have created videos (and even a book discussion guide!) for all ages to spread awareness of the pipeline’s impact on local communities.