Ep. 7. Climate NOW with Sarah Goody

Mill Valley Public Library interviews youth activist Sarah Goody.

When I was asked to interview a teenage climate activist, I said, “yes,” immediately. I always want to know what young people think about the world and their futures. Teenagers aren’t a monolith more than any other group, of course, but what is the general vibe? Are they hopeful? Depressed? Indifferent? I vividly remember the frustration of being in high school, having strong opinions about the world, and feeling like I had very little power over my own future (as adults were messing it up). Many teenagers across the globe feel the same today. We can all give recent examples of teenagers in the news begging adults to listen to them and to care.

Sarah Goody is a Youth Ambassador for Greening Forward (one of the largest youth-led nonprofit organizations in the United States). She generously shared her story of becoming a climate activist, what she is willing to risk for a better future (including her education), and what adults can do to support and join the youth at the forefront of this movement.

More than anything, I was impressed and inspired by how Sarah is empowered by knowledge and how uncovering truths (including some very dark truths) make her feel more connected to humanity and those fighting for the future.

Here are some links to topics Sarah and I discussed in this episode:

Greening Forward (Sarah is a member of this youth-led environmental non-profit organization)

Climate NOW (Sarah is the founder and president)

We’re doing this because climate change is real” (An article about the MTA flood testing Subway entrances)

Dianne Feinstein rebuffs young climate activists’ call for Green New Deal

Natalie McCall of Mill Valley Public Library